Cristina Barreda Villafranca

Cristina Barreda Villafranca obtained her licenciatura in Hispanic Philology from the Universitat de València in 2011. In 2010 she joined the DICAT group, led by Teresa Ferrer, through a scholarship of collaboration granted by the Ministry of Education. At present she has an FPI research scholarship granted by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and she is part of the ARTELOPE. Database and plots of Lope de Vega's theatre project and the Spanish classical theatrical patrimony: texts and research tools project, led by Joan Oleza within the Consolider -Ingenio 2010 programme, both financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation. Furthermore, she collaborates with the CATCOM. Comedies and their representatives. Database of the comedies mentioned in the theatrical documentation (1540-1700) project, led by Teresa Ferrer.

As dissertation of the Master's Degree in Advanced Hispanic Studies: applications and research she carried out the digital edition of Lope de Vega's “Más pueden celos que amor”, play that is included in the ARTELOPE DIGITAL LIBRARY.