Hélène Tropé

Hélène Tropé is Maître de conférences Habilitée in the Department of Iberian and Latin American Studies at Université Paris 3 – Sorbonne Nouvelle. She is also a member of the research group “Centro de investigación sobre la España de los siglos XVI y XVII” (CRES-LECEMO) and of several international associations of Hispanists (AISO, AITENSO, AIH).

Since 2013 she is member of the research group DICAT, directed by Teresa Ferrer, and as such she participates in the project CATCOM. Las comedias y sus representantes. Base de datos de las comedias mencionadas en la documentación teatral (1540-1700), funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

Her research is focused on the history of mentalities and representational systems in early modern Spain, especially in relation to the conflicts of power with the marginalized and dissidents; the assistance of those mentally ill and orphans in Valencia between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries; and also on the Spanish favourites of Philip III and Philip IV, paintings (buffoons, the poor), and Golden Age theatre, particularly the work of Lope de Vega. Among her publications we find her dissertation, published with the title Locura y sociedad en la Valencia de los siglos XV al XVII (Diputación de Valencia), her monograph published by Publications de la Sorbonne and also translated and published in Valencia with the title La formación de los huérfanos en la Valencia de los siglos XV al XVII, and her critical edition of Lope de Vega’s play Los locos de Valencia (Castalia). She is currently finishing a book on Locura y literatura en la España del siglo de Oro, and she is editing several collective volumes.