Małgorzata Anna Wojtyniak

Małgorzata Anna Wojtyniak obtained her licenciatura in Philosophy from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University (Warsaw) in 2007 with the thesis El lugar de la epistolografía en el proyecto filosófico humanista: el ejemplo de la correspondencia de Justo Lipsio con polacos y españoles. The first part of this study has been published in the journal Eslavística Complutense, 9 (2009). She studied History of European Culture and Civilization at the University of Warsaw and obtained her licenciatura in Polish Philology from this same institution in 2010. During 2006-2007 she obtained a grant from the Polish Ministry of Science for her academic achievements.

Her research interests lie in the relationships between philosophical thought and literature. In 2008-2010 she participated in the project Digital Archive of Polish Literary Monuments directed by the Polish Academy of Sciences' Institute of Literary Research. She is currently a member of the DICAT group directed by Teresa Ferrer and collaborates with the project CATCOM. Las comedias y sus representantes. Base de datos de las comedias mencionadas en la documentación teatral (1540-1700)